Thank you, Amanda Gorman

For reminding us that words matter.  For showing us the value of eloquence and imagery, for bringing poetry back to the forefront of America again.  Thank you.

For helping us open a new era, led by a President who quotes poetry and scripture, who values thought and expression.  For helping us transition away from a nearly illiterate leader who only used words as propaganda or insult, to one who knows that words and truth matter.  Thank you.

For sharing your research process and the love you have of books and words of those who have gone before you.  For immersing yourself in the voices of the past to bring us the voice of the present and point us to the future.  Thank you.

For captured the feelings of many, old and young, black, white, and brown, people who have been holding their breath for so long, who could now exhale into your verse.  Thank you.

For showing us there are no limits and that reflection is valuable.  In a society of doing, you showed that there can be value in pausing to observe.  Thank you.

I will love watching you soar.  May your words lead you and us to new heights and new worlds.  Thank you.

About Katherine J. Scott

Welcome to my website and blog. I am a writer and librarian interested in historical fiction. My works in progress include a trilogy about a stonemason from Elizabethan England and a novel loosely based on the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries housed at the Cloisters in New York.
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