I want to inhale words like a vacuum cleaner
Sweeping and churning them up
Blow them back out with a leaf blower
Scattering words like dust motes

I want to taste words, find the undertones
Hints of cherry blossom and clove
Stir them together in an all-day stew
Simmering in a cast iron pot

I want to chase words and catch them
Swirl them around the theme of a symphony
Only to watch them escape and dart
Scampering after our wildest dreams

I want to watch them march down the page
Patterns shifting like a high school band
Each doing its part to form the whole
Seeking companionship and meaning

I want to celebrate the joining of two words
Announced in word social media
What the dictionary has joined together
Bound forever, let no one tear asunder

About Katherine J. Scott

Welcome to my website and blog. I am a writer and librarian interested in historical fiction. My works in progress include a trilogy about a stonemason from Elizabethan England and a novel loosely based on the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries housed at the Cloisters in New York.
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